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The Atlas of Australian Birds

The Atlas of Australian Birds seeks to document the distribution and relative abundance of Australia's birds across the continent. It is one of BirdLife Australia's most important projects and is one of the few long-term, broad scale biodiversity monitoring programs available for Australia. The Atlas relies on an army of volunteer birdwatchers that we call Atlassers. Birdata is a partnership between BirdLife Australia and the Tony and Lisette Lewis Foundation's WildlifeLink program to bring the Atlas online. read more

Atlas database statistics

Surveys are being added to the database daily by registered bird observers (Atlassers) around the country. The figures and species lists below are up to date from the time you entered this page.

Sites surveyed over the last 30 days are shown in the map.

    Surveys recorded

  • Total: 763754
  • Last 6 months: 7295

    Sites visited

  • Total: 343034
  • Last 6 months: 3506

    Bird species

  • Known: 874
  • Recorded: 817
  • Species x Surveys: 12058215


  • Registered: 24562
  • Active: 4494
  • Active last year: 383